What to Do If Your Ex Violates Custody Agreement

Many men tend to want to solve things on their own, but the world of custody orders can be complicated and there are many laws and procedures to follow. Instead of learning an entire profession yourself, hire a good lawyer to provide professional legal assistance, which will be especially helpful if you`re in the midst of an emotional crisis. Depending on the severity of your situation, for example in. B in situations where it is a repetitive crime, you may be entitled to additional time with your child as compensation. In some cases, you may receive an amended custody order from the court to mitigate existing problems. Any changes to the court order vary from case to case and are entirely the responsibility of the court and/or judge. The main considerations are what is in your child`s best interests and what is right when assessing the seriousness of the custody offence. Ask the judge to make changes to the custody decision. In many cases, minor violations of the custody agreement, which may persist, turn into more serious violations. Fortunately, there are legal options for affected parents. Some of your options are: I know these are many steps to take and many people want to seek contempt right away, but when parents are in court, it negatively affects children, despite parents` best efforts to keep them away from them. Children know when they are parents, are stressed and the dish causes stress. If you can avoid the dish and work with your ex, then I always recommend it.

Stick to the facts in the documentation and keep your emotions away. If your child is upset, objectively tell them that your child was upset and that you want to work with them to avoid them in the future. Depending on the injury and the duration of the injury, you have different options. In general, it is best to address child care issues at the lowest possible level. However, we are always ready to take stricter measures on your behalf if necessary. Here are the most common remedies that parents pursue and some information about each option. Be sure to consult a family law lawyer before taking any action. Your child`s other parent is required by law to comply with the terms of the custody agreement. If they do not comply with this obligation, you have the right to take corrective action. When determining the appropriate measure, you must first assess the nature of the violation. Finally, custody violations can occur in many different forms. Here are some common examples: If the problems persist or the offence is egregious, a lawyer may endeavor to take stricter measures to protect your custody, possibly inform the judge of the situation and take things to court.

New Jersey judges have the discretion to file a change of circumstances to change your custody arrangement or file a contempt of court charge against your ex for violating the custody agreement. These approaches are action-oriented and can only be used in cases of a serious or prolonged breach of custody. In cases where an ex-partner poses a threat to the child, it may also be necessary to inform and involve law enforcement and competent child protection authorities. Be aware that a family court judge may also send you to jail for contempt of court for other reasons. For example, if you disrupt the courtroom or disrespect the judge or bailiffs, you could be found in contempt of court. Dress appropriately when you are in the courtroom and be sure to follow the custody order yourself to avoid this. Both parents are required by law to comply with custody orders issued by the court. But some parents refuse to comply with this legal obligation. If you don`t drop your child off with you on time, prevent them from communicating with your child, or intentionally schedule appointments and travel during your time with your child, some of the most common ways parents violate custody orders are. If your ex-spouse violates the custody decision, it`s important to know how to protect your parental rights. Here`s what you need to do: The extent and nature of the violation of the order may also affect how the courts will proceed. For example, the courts might be more lenient towards someone who has been late to return or pick up the child once or twice than someone who refuses to comply with the custody decision at all.